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Aero point question


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Logically, I would say if it's closer to vertical than horizontal it would be an air dam. If more horizontal than vertical, then it would be a splitter. If it's at exactly 45 degrees, then take 20pts.


However, this is not what the rules say - exactly your point. This is the place where more definition is needed in the rulebook. Another example is when it says "Carbon Fiber Not Allowed". The way that the subset/indenting works out is that you can't use CF as "material". You could however use it in any of the other things listed as a fixed point value part/thing.


If you wanted to make one of these for your car, I would calculate the material points and see if it's more or less than 10. Then just claim it as the lower of the two point values. Really, nobody knows because the rulebook does a bad job at defining things.


Aero Man for BOD?

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