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F-Body Guys! 17" Wheel/Tire package, some brake stuff, and springs!

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As with all race cars, it seems the evolution is never ending, so I have some stuff for sale:


17" x 9.5 ZR1 replicas for sale, w/ tires $400:

These are 38mm offset not the stock 52-56mm offset, this pushes the wheels out a solid 14+mm per corner, which also clears different brake packages (including Wilwood FSLI). These are getting hard to find in the 38mm offset (you can always run spacers behind stockers to match this offset). This package has served us well, but I just bit the bullet and went up to a 18" wheel/tire package. We run 255 star specs on here with zero fitment issues. Star spec Z3's that come with them have plenty of meat on them, only "issue" is that they are over a year old now, so there are some age-hardening concerns as with any performance tire. Would prefer local sale, since tires are mounted. 


Complete C5 Brake setup, calipers, brackets, lines, C5 rotors, misc. goodies $450 (pending!):

This is the bare minimum upgrade you need to be competitive in Champcar with an F-Body. With Carbotech XP24's this is an outstanding package, we had issues making the Carbotech's last, so we switched to Wilwoods to get a thicker pad and went to Raybestos ST45 compound, which is insane on the pad life. If it were me, I'd run the super-aggressive Raybestos ST47 with these, I think they'd be on par with the bite of the XP24 compound and last longer. I'd actually consider putting these back on the car and save the 10 points over the Wilwoods if we had not gone up to 18" wheels (I will be testing a different brake package with the 18's). The adapter lines to bolt directly onto the stock F-Body lines (I actually have 2 sets of these lines, I will include the spare as well), Doug Rippie S.S. Pistons, a few sets of used carbotech pads that you could try at a track day to see how you like them, and a couple sets of spare rotors. For a race day, I'd probably start on new rotors, but one set of spare frozen rotors are in really good shape, the other set has some heat checking but I'd definitely use as spares in a race. Can ship some or all of this, probably not worth it to ship the rotors. 


Complete Wilwood Brake setup, calipers, brackets - on hold for the moment (pending!):

This is also a great set up, can run super thick 20mm pad, easy to get parts & pads for these calipers. I had to engineer these brackets as there are none on the market to either buy/copy. I have a CAD file for it if buyer wants. Designed for 12.6" dia C5 rotors. Fits inside 17" wheel package (with appropriate offset). Need to either get appropriate flare adapter for stock line or replace the OEM fitting, I was out of time when I was mounting these, so I ended up replacing the OEM fitting to the easier to find generic kind of flare. I think the OEM GM is the bubble-flare? This brake package is what's currently on the car, holding off on sale until I get my new brake package on and functioning, then these will be for sale, with 1 good set of ST45 pads and a couple of extra good pads too. Will be asking $400 for package. Can ship this. 


Sam Strano p/n ST141 springs, stock sizes so zero points add:

Just like the other parts listed, these are a really great jumping off point, I would consider these the bare minimum spring to be used on an F-Body, no way you are getting away with stock springs. Ran these since the original build all the way up to this past Sebring race, finally went coil-over conversion in the front so I am keeping these as a set. $125, could ship but would prefer local sale


If any F-Body guys have technical questions about any of this, feel free to PM me. Will get a couple of pics posted, need to free up some storage space on the forum.


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On 10/3/2019 at 11:55 AM, pintodave said:


Oh yea they're really good, now that I have pad selection figured out I wouldn't hesitate to go back to them - except now with the 18 wheel package, I can go really gooderer LOL


That's right.... come to the dark side... 

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Caddy brakes on a Gen 4? 


This is will be good. 


On 10/3/2019 at 10:55 AM, pintodave said:


Oh yea they're really good, now that I have pad selection figured out I wouldn't hesitate to go back to them - except now with the 18 wheel package, I can go really gooderer LOL


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