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Sonoma Feb 2020 - Looking for a Seat

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This is waaaay early but I figure it doesn't hurt to get ahead of the game. Need to check this one off of the bucket list and now that I've moved halfway across the country flights are a bit cheaper...so it's time.


Been racing on the east coast with Chump since 2014, 25 or 30 events.  My savings account knows the official number, I don't. Home base is currently Denver (are there any champ teams here?). Cars driven include 1st/2nd gen rx-7,  4th gen f bodies, the retired brick house racing e30, and a couple of runs in a prelude. I'll race anything I fit in (6'3). Miatas probably won't work. 


Conservative driver, I back out of sketchy situations. Focus is always on finishing, not hot laps. References available from active forum members/team owners as needed. In car video as well.


Hit me up if you've got something. Cheers!


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