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Drivers Needed for Laguna Seca Dec Race

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I would like to run my car at the Laguna Seca Race in December.  It is a 92 Mazda MX3 with a 2.5 V6. We've run it at 4 lemons races now, but I want to run on the Laguna Seca Track to get the bucket filled up some more.  While it is a fast car,  I don't want anyone to think we are going to win anything.   The car is called the Mazdamaro as it has bodywork to look like a 95 Z/28. ;)

I just added some big brakes to it, has coilovers too, headers.  Don't know what points it will get, not concerned about that.  the pic is before some updates on the bodywork.

If you are interested in joining the adventure, please send me an email at jack nimblemotorsports  dotz de com



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2 hours ago, NimbleMotorsports said:

   Waiting for my registration confirmation email, this usually happens within minutes, been at least 10 now, normal



You are not on the list, but still one spot available:




Email the event director Mike Morrison (mike.morrison@ champcar.org) or call Mike Chisek 7042418215. Mike C is in North Carolina fyi....



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11 minutes ago, NimbleMotorsports said:

Is the friday testing included in the registration fees?   It is separate for Lemon Lucky


Yes, the test day is included. Go to the web page below, scroll down to the Laguna Seca event. You'll see it's Test + Double 7 Enduros $1675. Download the supps as well while you're there. You can also view the list of entrants.



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