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Drivers needed - Van Buren Boys/Kruse Racing

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I'm looking to run a few more races in 2020 in my 2006 Nissan Altima and I think i'm going to exhaust my normal driver rotation.

Looking for more qualified drivers. My #1 criteria (more important than speed) is that you can stay out of trouble and bring my car home in one piece. If you have a shop or other business that can offer support to the team, that's a big plus! We just finished 1st/3rd at Road America. My car is full but we'll be at Sebring in december.

Other races i'm considering:

Date Location Format
7-Mar VIR 12-hour
25-Apr Charlotte motor speedway 14-hour
22-May Watkins glen Double-7
18-Jul Nelson Ledges 8+7
3-Oct Pittsburgh international 8+7

If you're interested, please PM me with your racing resume and references!

(Photo credit Tim Kruse Sports Photography)

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No specific details on any race yet aside from the fact i'm considering attending, at this point i'm gauging interest and trying to develop lists of interested drivers.

Can you PM me with racing resume and references? We can do it over email too, I just don't publish my address on the forum for fear of more spam email!

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