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Full of the inaccurate and dramatized race depictions that we have come to expect in movies, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.

Many touching parts... loved the dialogues with Miles and his son, describing the perfect lap, sighting markers, the feeling of driving and things slowing down.

Worth a view if you haven’t seen it yet. 

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Having just re-watched Lemans a couple weeks ago, where the on-track action was great but the dialog was crap, between them they made 1 good movie.


Interesting in both the driver got out of the car during a fuel stop.  In Lemans it was for meaningful silent glances with the Ferrari driver in the next pits.  In FvF it was for dialog with corporate flunkies.      I thought it was just dramatic licence but I think the rules actually called for the driver to be out of the car during refueling back then.....  makes it convenient for dramatization. 

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