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ChampCar Sim Series - 2019 Winners


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Thank you to everyone who continued to support the ChampCar Sim Series in our second season. Participation was up across all rounds, and we saw a lot of good racing throughout the season. Special thanks to ChampCar for continuing to support the Sim Series by offering these generous and unique prizes, and to the HJBC for continuing to broadcast races throughout the season, spreading the reach of ChampCar to new viewers and fans.


Atlantic Division


A closely fought battle throughout the year between the two standout drivers in the field, 2018 Champ Alex Albert and new challenger John D. Allen, saw Albert clinch the title by only 12 points. Despite fewer wins throughout the season, greater consistency and attendance proved to be the difference in the title race. Tom Ellison rounded out the third place in the standings, with Justin Hall and Chris Kniseley not far behind.




Pacific Division


A similar story in the later timeslot saw a close battle between iRacing Commentator David Haines and Chris Kniseley, with Haines coming out on top due to great consistency throughout the season. Kniseley finished second with Alexander Cawthorn in third, followed by 2018 Champ Joe Boyd and Alex Koffard.




For winning their respective divisions, Alex and David will both be rewarded with a free entry to a 2020 ChampCar race for a team or drive of their choosing. For finishing on the podium for the season, John, Thomas, Chris, and Alexander will all receive coveted ChampCar trophies in recognition of their success. Please reach out to Doc, either via the forum or by e-mail (Doc.Waldrop@champcar.org) in order to arrange delivery of these prizes.


We are pleased to announce that ChampCar will continue to support the Sim Series into it's third year, and I will be posting details of the new season in the new year. Until then, thank you once again for all your support, Happy New Year to you all, and I look forward to racing with everyone in 2020, both on the virtual and real world track!

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