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Seats available for COTA

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COTA in Austin TX June 12-13-14.
Dallas-based team is looking to fill in drivers for 6 slots in this race.  One slot is committed, 5 available.
Experienced drivers familiar with Miata or small RWD car in endurance wheel-to-wheel racing.
Car is a 1994 Miata, 6 years racing. Made 2 top-10 A-class finishes in 4 races during 2019, and the car has some improvements now. 
Car is setup for drivers 5'10" and 180lbs more or less, with fixed seat and fixed steering wheel, Nascar door bars on quality cage.
Car has good parts and carrying spares, CoolShirt, Pro comm harness, datalogging/telemetry.
Drivers pay 1 fee to commit the slot in the roster, then cover their ChampCar license, Nascar male plug at the helmet, food/lodging, then we race.
Reach out and we can discuss if there is a good fit.


Will be looking to get a garage reserved, if I can figure out how to do that.



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22 hours ago, Wingnut said:

One of our fly-in-and-drive team driver has need to pull out of this event.


Couple of slots are available. 




My name is Jason and I am very interested in a driver spot. Please contact me via email with any information, thank you. 


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