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Tool Review: Porter Cable 1/2" Electric Impact Wrench

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What: Porter Cable Corded 1/2" Electric Impact Wrench

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Price: $78 bucks plus tax


So I figured many of us have found good deals and special tools we really like.  My idea was to give an honest review on a reasonably priced tool I wanted and needed.  I encourage others to do the same.  I'd like to find a good set of deep impact sockets, SAE and metric with plastic cases so if anyone has recommendations post them up.  Not looking for SNAP ON prices, just something I can take in the trailer and to the track.


So I was wanting to get something corded, because I knew I could get it cheaper (I have a $50 gift card to burn up) and was looking for something to use other than my air compressor powered impact.  I also hoped that this could replace the need for me to load and take my air compressor to the track for mainly just my impact and filling tires.  I do have a 20v DeWalt impact that also works very good, but I wanted to have a corded option just in case, I don't know if the batteries were death or whatever.  I don't mind having a corded unit and I used one a lot back in my younger days when I worked on a team of dirt late models.


So, my impact arrived today and I was excited to use it out of the box.  This was perfect since I needed to put the tires on our car and get it loaded for Daytona so i can remove the drivetrain from our new parts car in my garage.  I threw the first wheel on and started each lug a few turns as usual.  I didn't hammer on the lugs, i just gave the gun a few clicks to spin the lugs up just snug.  Once I got them there, I then gave a few quick trigger taps to snug the lugs down and it was pretty easy.  After getting all 4 wheels on, I decided to check the lugs with a torque wrench.  Now, I never hammered on the lugs, just quick light trigger taps.  The lugs where right around 80 ft lbs where I have normally torqued them too.  I feel like if I really wanted to hammer on something that was tight, and I wanted to break it off, it could.  I have another car to pull the engine and transmission out of hopefully tomorrow so I will put this model to the test tomorrow and will post an update if I have a different opinion but i think it will handle most I'm going to through at it.  The car I will be pulling tomorrow is a 93 Camaro, so I'm sure there will be a few tight ones to hammer off. was very happy and felt that my $80 bucks was well spent.  The power cord is about 6 feet. 


Amazon also had a Enertwist impact that was 8.5 amps, and was highly reviewed for $70 bucks, but for a few dollars more I wanted to go with a brand I recognized and had a 3 year warranty.  The Porter Cable is not a variable speed impact, it full bore either forward or reverse.  The trigger is a two way switch, either forward or reverse.  The anvil has a locking ring, which works as designed.  I used a Harbor Freight impact socket for my lugs and it installed onto the wrench with no issues.  The impact itself does have some weight but is not excessive.  The first two or three pulls on the trigger did omit a electric odor, but that went away or I just got use to it, either way there was no issues with its operation.  Overall, I am a happy customer, especially since I had a $50 gift card so it only cost me $33 bucks after tax.  With my birthday a week away, I'm going to add a full set of SAE and metric deep impact sockets hopefully, hint hint.






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Update on this review.


I did use this impact while pulling a LT1 engine and transmission from a donor car I bought in January.  Glad i had it, as a few bolts were too much for my Dewalt 20v chuck impact.  K member bolts, motor mount bolts, transmission cross member, all fell with ease.  I will certainly have my money's worth out of this gun by the end of the year.


Does anyone have any good reviews on a cordless air compressor they like to use trackside.  Something for topping off tires?  That will be one of my next purchases.

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Harbor Freight deep impact sockets work fine - had them for years.  Used on everything from rusty boat trailers to tractors to whatever.  Cheap too.  Coupled with cheap HF impact driver 1/2 corded.  PITA but much less $ than a cordless.



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On 3/13/2020 at 12:46 PM, red0 said:

I just looked it up, and the 20V dewault only has 700ft-lbs of torque? 


2767 = 1400ft-lbs

Image result for milwaukee problem solver




I don't have the 1/2" true impact, just the little hand held impact driver, the one where you can put in 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 driver bits into it.

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