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ChampCar iRacing Special Event: 6 Hours of Road America


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On 4/14/2020 at 8:39 PM, DaveStruve said:

Team Name: Hooligans Racing

Car Number: 880

Class: Miata

Drivers: David Struve, Josh Van Veld, Justin Tiedeman


My name doesn't match the iRacing format, iRacing has me as Joshua VanVeld (Need a league invite). Thanks!

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Team Name: Hugh Jass CCAA (Colombia Canada America Alliance) 

Car Number: 46

Drivers: Antonio Alvarez, Hunter Reeve, Jordan Babcock

Car: Cayman

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Car Number: 489

Class: Miata

Drivers: Troy Truglio

               Evan Horner

               Derek Williams

               Matt Hill

               Kyle Fegley





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  • Team Name: Sorry for Partying
  • Car Number: 62 -- can change if necessary
  • Class: Cayman
  • Drivers: Cameron Evans3, Trent Brown, Jason Crist2, Philipp Hagnauer

Finished P9 at Daytona, we were "We Came to Party" last time since Tyler Cooke didn't get the memo. Had a great time, you guys are doing a nice job with series. Excited to do this race. 

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