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2020 ChampCar iRacing Series: Round 6, Charlotte Motor Speedway - 4/22/2020, 4/29/2020


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With all the excitement of our endurance special events, don't forget that the year long season of CCiS waits for no racer, and so we're moving on to Round 6 at Charlotte! We say goodbye to the Street Stock until later in the season and revert to the favourite steed of Chief Pontiac, the beloved Solstice.


Please note we will be using the "Roval" config of the rescanned (new) Charlotte. Although this varies slightly from the layout that would be used by ChampCar, this will provide a good racing configuration for the Solstice in the confines of the new and shiny facility. Good luck!


Session Details


  • Practice Round: Wednesday, 22-April-2020
  • Championship Round: Wednesday, 29-April-2020
  • Practice Start: 7:00pm ET
  • Qualifying Start: 9:00pm ET
  • Race Start: 10:00pm ET
  • Cars: Pontiac Solstice
  • Track: Charlotte Motor Speedway - Roval
  • In-Sim Session Date: Wednesday, 29-April-2020
  • In-Sim Session Start Time: 1:00pm
  • In-Sim Time Multiplier: 2x
  • Weather: Auto-Generated
  • Setup: iRacing Baseline with 4.3g fuel
  • Fast Repairs: 1
  • License Requirements: Practice Rounds (None), Championship Round (>D2.0)


Useful Links

ChampCar iRacing Series - League Application

Discord Server

2020 ChampCar iRacing Series schedule

Guide to iRacing and Hardware

How to create your own iRacing paints

iRacing Tips and Resources

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You can watch the race with commentary and overlays on the Champcar Youtube channel, the facebook page and also on the Hughjass Youtube page. We actually put a lot of work into the overlay and commentary. Here's a link to the 6 hours at Road America to give you an idea. Enjoy!

EDIT: My bad, thought this was on the thread for the 6hr race. We only broadcast the Wednesday night races on the Hughjass Youtube channel! All the endurance race broadcasts go on all 3.

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Yes, the previous two championship rounds have hit the grid limit. Registration is first come, first served, once the session is full then you cannot join. 


For everyone - please note that if this is your first race of the season then you will not be eligible for the prize at the end of the year.

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Thanks again.  As far as the prize I'm not good enough for that but would like to see how the points stack up. 


Sorry for the newbie questions, but when does registration open?  I looked at the league, the event, and event notes I did not see it.  Doesn't mean its not there lol. 

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