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Window Net Mount Questions

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We are wrapping up our latest build and are having a debate on the team about our best bet for mounting the window net upper mounts and we wanted to get some feedback.


Our options as we see them:

1) Weld tabs (not the best as we do not have the best skills and this effectively means we cannot move the net if tech sees and issue).

2) Use these snazzy mounts https://discoveryparts.com/window-net-mounting/3835-allstar-1-5-inch-clamp-on-window-net-kit-allstar-10221.html (not ideal since the front tube is super close to the a pillar and we will have to notch the a pillar for clearance)

3) Use 4 hose clamps and a custom bracket like the Schroth kit https://store.windingroad.com/Schroth-Window-Net?quantity=1&color=RED&size=16" x 16"&opt=Left Side (better fit but I am not sure if 4 band clamps will be up to the job)


There are some obvious tradeoffs but I am not sure which option is our best bet currently. I like options that let us make adjustments and avoid us welding where possible, so we are leaning towards option 3 currently. Anyone want to tell us how wrong we are?

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