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Anyone Going from Georgia to North Dakota?

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Here's a good long shot one to try and solve.  I bought a trailer from South East Georgia back in February, Manufacturing had a slight slowdown but it came out of the Factory in April, paid in full now.  With wonderful luck the Covid-19 pandemic got into full swing and the Canadian/America Border has been closed since March 21st.  First time I'm aware of that the Border was closed like this.  They didn't even close it for 9/11 I think.

So that leaves me with the challenge of trying to get my Trailer from Georgia back to Canada except the border guards won't let me cross with a Truck.  I can actually fly to Atlanta for pretty cheap to get into the USA but then it leaves me with the problem of what I would use to tow it back. Ryder doesn't do 1 way truck rentals, Penske doesn't let you pull your own trailer behind their trucks.  Called a Hot Shot service but they would only put it on a Semi.

So what are they odds there is anyone from near Atlanta that has any plans for a Road Trip up towards North Dakota?  Maybe wanna go see Yellowstone...Mount Rushmore...Idaho...lol.

I'd fly down to Atlanta, get picked up from the Airport, Go get the Trailer in Douglas, Georgia then tow back to Portal North Dakota where I can have a truck from the Canadian Side hook onto it and tow it the remainder of the way.


Maybe someone already going to Gingerman with an extra truck and a few extra days after the race?  Needs a little extra help in the pits?

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7 hours ago, ABR-Glen said:

Some Minnesotans I know will be at Road Atlanta in mid July. 


That might work.  If someone has an extra truck heading down that doesn't have something attached to the hitch on the way down and the time for us to link up and go get the trailer and get it back to at least Minnesota I can probably make that work.  From Minnesota I can find a way to get it to either Saskatchewan or South of Winnipeg.

Got exact dates of that Road Atlanta trip for them?  Hook me up!  This has some real possibilities...

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