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2020 TireRack.com Indy Double 10

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Great first day overall. Car with the new engine (well, new to us...) started out well. Dan took the green and the car felt great - way more pickup now that we had compression (you can see our facebook feed for all the cool little things we found rattling around when we pulled the head after Daytona...). Noticed as the day went on our times were getting gradually slower - volts started dropping so figured the alternator (which had one race on it) was the culprit. It was partially. LSD clutches also shot, but we knew this going into the race, so there was a 'send it' quality to our decision just to go with the diff acting like an open diff. Started suspecting something else was at play when Dan, who ran the last stint, was a full 3-5 seconds slower than his first stint on average. Took the checker on Saturday in 13th overall (after starting somewhere in the 30s) so pretty pleased.


Still a new build and working out some kinks, but after 10th at Daytona and 13th on Saturday at Indy we think we are on to something with two strong finishes. 


Took the car to the garage to put some new shoes and brakes on. And a new alternator. A test run to bed the brakes was cut short by the sound of a ton of gravel rolling around somewhere in the area of the clutch/transmission. Almost thought that Bill, our crew chief, left is 7mm stuck to the bleeder valve on the brakes it was that loud (but, Bill is so meticulous, that would never happen...). We suspected maybe a throw-out bearing or something with the clutch, but made the decision to send it anyway. It's Indy. 


Skip took the green Sunday and within 6 laps lost the clutch. Despite the generous offer of a clutch and parts from 901 (thanks fellas!), we decided to take her home and work on the lift rather than lay on the ground struggling to get the clutch and transmission out. Good move there, because when we got home, the input shaft had about as much play in it as a gearshift, the clutch was coated with gear oil and the dual mass flywheel (yes - we keep everything pretty stock) springs were not springy anymore.


Still - a great time at a beautiful venue. The competition was fast and the driving way better than last year - very clean overall. Now to get everything fixed and ready for Sebring!


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Huge thanks to CYR spinoff team Turnin Motorsports Group.  I enjoyed the 540, it was super fast in a straight line and it was a lot of fun to drive.  We didn't get the result we had hoped for but it was certainly within the ability of the cars, team and drivers.  


I was surprised by the number of teams that backed out or didn't show at the most historic track in North America and possibly the world.  I would never miss this event.  


Did anyone else experience worse than normal driving by other competitors?  


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