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2020 Palm Beach International Raceway race reports and images

Bill Strong

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On 9/20/2020 at 7:00 PM, KGRacing said:

Congrats to Level One for the win!


Thanks Hillar! It was a very tight battle with Valyrian Steel, both teams drove great all day. If it wasn't for their unscheduled stop it would have been their day. We'll take the win though. :) 

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It was a good weekend for Crowd Control Racing #625 and InActiv Motorsports #626. 

Although we are in Florida, we've never run at PBIR and didn't know what to expect. In the paddock during testing, a few people asked me how many tires we brought for the cars. Back when CCES used to run the track, it was known to be hard on consumables. Testing went without a hitch on Friday, but we lost an external lift pump in the Cobra, which was replaced in 10 minutes and the car was back out for the next session. 

On Saturday we put the car in P1 pretty quickly and made a few good calls through the race. In the afternoon, the rain hit and slowed down everybody. Clearly, we have much wet weather experience in the car so we were able to run enough pace to keep things together until the track started to dry. A few late race FCY's bunched up the field twice and reduced the gap to P2, but on the restarts I was able to put the car comfortably ahead each time and we brought home P1 on Saturday. 

The Mazda 626 wasn't as lucky on Saturday. It ran well for over half of the race until a failed throwout bearing took out the clutch. Our renters were running first in class and we might have actually brought home a Top 10, but a'las, it was not to be. Saturday night @MoparBoyy and the crew busted their butts to pull the trans and replace the clutch and TOB and the Mazda made it to grid on Sunday morning. 

Because we underestimated brake pad consumption Sunday didn't go as smoothly for the Cobra. No rain meant we ran the car harder than on Saturday and for the full race. We had to pedal the car for the last three hours to bring it home and we did, locking in a P3. The renters kept at it with the 626 and with some attrition from a few cars, the Mazda brought home a B-class win. 

The cars went in the trailer largely unscathed with a few minor contacts. PBIR is very hard on tires. We largely went through a set of FRESH RS4's BOTH days on the Cobra. We didn't have fresh tires on the 626 but they had tons of life, and we replaced three tires through the weekend. As mentioned, we were very surprised at brake pad consumption. We carry a lot of speed into a few braking zones, but didn't expect wear to be so high. This track literally is harder on tires and brakes than any we've run, including COTA (although COTA actually chunked tires). 

Next race is scheduled to be Road America, but we'll see what the next few weeks bring. WRL is running at COTA in December and they have 61 cars, so will be a nice race and great weather. 
Huge thanks to our crew including Lyndon, Garrick, Kasey, Jim and Brian for their work and support...it sure takes the edge off the race weekend. 









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