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2020 Harris Hill Fall Race Results and Pictures

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Saturday race results


Sunday race results



Awards images



Images - I took some, but not many. I need to find my camera, so please give me a day of two.

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First stint started well, car was super fast and felt good. Could do 1:29s without much trouble and keep a bit of margin. Was 3rd the end of the stint,  low fuel light came on at 1:49 ( light comes on when there is a ~1.6L left in the surge tank and main tank is empty). Did 3 slow laps and lost maybe 10 seconds, I think 2 laps would have been enough.

Second driver went out and had an accident, had to go out again and back a few times. Didn't have all the spares and the repairs took much longer than they should, needed a run to the parts store.


Second day started well as the first, got the 2nd fastest lap time for the weekend (not counting EC).  Halfway into the stint we got a black flag and went from a top 3 to 20+, we managed to get a lots of places back. Unfortunately the second driver manage to get into an accident and we had a similar experience as yesterday and ended up in the bottom.


Had a great time as always at Harris Hill!


Thank you everyone.





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A bit of deja vu for Bogan Dunny Racing in terms of results.  We took a couple steps forward this weekend, then a couple steps back.


We put the team / car together at the beginning of the year, and did our first race at the March H2R.


On the March Saturday we finished P5 overall and P2 in A-class.  After (7x) agonizing fuel stops instead of the planned (3x) stops (long story) - which put us 2 laps off the class win, and 6 laps off the overall podium.....coulda-shoulda-woulda...


This time around, we finished again P5 overall and P3 in A-class on the Saturday.  Just one issue / unplanned extra stop this time around, but much stiffer competition that walked away from us.  


We've gotta work on our Sunday races.  March Sunday we limped home P9 overall, P4 in class after a wheel-on-wheel incident parked us for 10 minutes or so.


This last Sunday, our 108whp/102tq junkyard engine finally decided it was time to go......and we ran 3/4 of the race in only 4th gear due to a yet undiagnosed mechanical.  


The 20 minute stop to troubleshoot, and the resultant 4-5sec per lap pace drop, put us P15 overall / P9 in class I believe, and gives us a lot more work to do before the next one.


Great weekend, fun event once again - we learned a lot as a team, and look forward to getting back out again soon!



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