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Now (in 2021) that we can go up to 4 piston brake calipers and two piece rotors for 0 points, and are no longer forced into the Wilwood brand, what company / product should I go with for the ultimate stopping experience for my ultimate driving machine? 

This thread need not be specific to BMW though, if you have had great success with XYZ brand on a different car, I want to know about XYZ and maybe something of theirs will fit the BMW.

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FWIW I had a lengthy conversation with a Wilwood rep/engineer at PRI two years ago.  I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge, the questions he asked me, and the willingness to evaluate putting together a kit that wasn't just the listed option for my car.



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Updated to BCCR posted. BCCR-2021 v2.0.0.


Redline Edition


Version 2.0.0.

updated October 30, 2020 by wds

4.3.2. Radiator back to 2020 rule

4.3.2. Radiator:

o Non-aluminum, non-OE: 5 pts

o Aluminum non-OE, less than $300: 10pts

o Non-OE, greater than $300: 30 pts

4.3.2. Shock absorbers / struts with

damping/rebound adjustment, includes remote reservoir, 25 pts per corner

4.3.2. Brake Caliper - 5-piston or more: 5 pts each

4.7.3. Shocks/Struts - non-adjustable for rebound/dampening, no remote reservoirs

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