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Alex Macevicius for Board of Directors

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On 11/16/2020 at 10:52 AM, petawawarace said:

What are your thoughts on the instability and changes to the rules?  

Would you consider a 3 year rules freeze? VPI adjustment and safety changes excluded. 


I don't think you can say a 'freeze' because you don't know what someone might figure out.  I have always been a fan of very small rule changes, VPI and parts values included unless there is a huge outlier.  


I hate the fact you have teams have to worry about massive changes year to year, because we also dont really have a 'season' in Champcar.  Our last race of the year and first race of the year there isn't much time to be making massive expensive changes to cars all while during the holidays.


I do like rules like the dash bar, where teams were given large advance notice of a incoming rule change.  I would even propose that we do that with the entire ruleset, giving teams more time to make any adjustments or choices in their builds.  I'm not going to drop money on a nice radiator if i knew 10 months from now i'd have to pay double the points for it.  We aren't pro level teams that have time and resources to follow a new rule book every year.

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