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25.jpg   August 14-August 15, 2021
Calabogie, ON
"Calabogie Enduro"
Early Pay Discount Ends: June 15, 2021
Event Director: carlwener@hotmail.com
Entrant List
Download Supplemental Rules and Event Info



Champcar @ Calabogie- August 14/15 double 8/7 hr


This event is a go!

Deposit- $250 non-refundable/ non-transferable per event per team.


Event subject to cancellation if 20 team minimum is not met before FEB 1st 2021.

Full payment required 60 days prior to qualify for early entry discount.

Champchange, US event transfer/ credit not applicable for CDN events

Full price after June 15, 2021 $1,300USD

Earlybird Discount $1,100USD early bird 





This world-class facility is home to the longest track in Canada, at 5.05 km in length, consisting of 20 turns, measuring 40 feet wide, and featuring a 2,000 ft long straightaway. Since opening in the fall of 2006, the Alan Wilson designed track has become the preferred destination for North American motorsports enthusiasts. The Calabogie track has been designed to provide a challenging, safe and charismatic venue for amateur and club level performance drivers.

The typical track user is the driver of a road going sports car or sports bike driving amongst small groups of similar performance vehicles in low intensity competitive or non-competitive conditions. Such drivers are typically part of a club group, often coordinated under the auspices of such clubs as the Porsche, BMW, Viper one make associations or as part of commercially operated Track Day groups or regional sports car clubs. Many users are also drawn to the Calabogie Motorsports facility as customers of high performance driving or riding schools.

The layout and design of the Calabogie Motorsports course was, from the outset, designed with these customer in mind, to provide them with the high-speed challenges that they would not be able to find on public roads or even other comparable closed driving courses, and to do so in the safest possible conditions to provide a level of enjoyment that would make them return to Calabogie Motorsports Park over and over again.

The Calabogie track provides the driver or rider with an exhilarating challenge and is extremely difficult to master. Consequently drivers/riders can expect to return over and over again if they want to truly master the course. At the same time we have designed the track to incorporate all appropriate safety measures required by ASN Canada, the sanctioning body under which the track operates.
Calabogie Motorsports Park has been recognized as one of the most aesthetically pleasing driving facilities in North America thanks to the proximity of its woodlands, its adherence to the natural topography of the site and the sheer drama of its course design. It is North America’s Premier Driving Experience. Above all, it is great fun to drive!












Entries for Calabogie Enduro

Updated 8/9/2021

    Team Name Car # Year Make Model
1.   Acura 4 Now 524 2007 Acura TSX
2.   BD Machine Worx Racing 16 2007 Chevy Cobalt
3.   Continuous Rotation Racing 173 1990 mazda miata
4.   DriveTeq Racing 822 2009 BMW 128i
5.   DriveTeq Racing 821 2009 BMW 128i
6.   EL TORO RACING TEAM 6 2015 Nissan Micra
7.   Fawn Group 118 2012 Volkswagen Jetta
8.   Go! Racing 649 2008 Honda Civic Si
9.   GORDS CHARIOT 114 1992 BMW 325
10.   Les petits poulets 59   Acura RSX
11.   North by Northeast Racing 380 1992 BMW 325i
12.   OEM Free 284 1999 Honda Civic
13.   Red Cow Racing 2 1994 BMW 325i
14.   Tires23/DT Tire 94 1994 Acura Integra
15.   Tomlinson Motorsports 48 1997 BMW 328
16.   TWOth Autosport 522 1992 Honda Civic
17.   TWOth Autosport II 411 1999 Mazda Miata
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1 hour ago, petawawarace said:

Clarified with Carl that a refund will be issued if the event does not get the 20 required registrations.

I'll be signing up shortly



Awesome. I was just going to pass this onto him. Thank you

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I was just looking at the Calabogie Schedule today, and the Friday night before the champcar race, there are the Calabogie GT and PT series races. Champcar teams can enter these and get some extra tracktime before the event.


GT is point by passing only 10 min Qualifying and 30 min race


PT is open passing 10 min Qualifying and 30 minute race

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  • Bill Strong changed the title to Official 2021 - CALABOGIE MOTORSPORTS PARK: 8+7
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21 hours ago, petawawarace said:

Awesome weather at Calabogie for the racing this weekend.  Lots of tires chewed up and lots of broken parts but it was fun.  

What’s the record for the closest finish in Champcar history?  We got passed on the last lap today and crossed 1.35 seconds behind the winner after 7hrs.  

Nice result for the first time out. Congrats.

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