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How effective is a hydramat vs a stock tank and surge tank?


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Currently having issues getting 2hrs out of our tank and would prefer not to spend on a cell if possible. 
at the moment, we get about 1:40 to 1:55 depending on the track with a stock tank and a 2L surge tank.  

For those of you that have run a similar setup and added a hydramat, what kind of improvement did you see?

Is it only really an advantage for those who don’t have a surge tank?

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We run both. That way you get all the fuel without interruption and also a little extra capacity. Bonus is you can add a level sensor in the surge tank for a very accurate low on fuel indicator.



On our NC with great tank design the hydramat helps a little but not 15 mins, but on our datsun it would have helped since the tank sucked.


What car?



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33 minutes ago, shanehutton said:

Car is an EK chassis Honda Civic. 

We already have a float switch about 2/3 of the way up the surge tank that triggers a light on the dash. 


You could try and run it to the light come on and then stop and idle.


If the light goes off then it means that it's more fuel that the stock pickup managed to pickup. If so a hydramat might help



It would think that the stock tank does a good job picking up all the fuel when you are standing still.


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I have a hydratmat in my stock tank now and got the longer cross shaped one. I can now use up every drop in my tank and every little bit helps.  I converted to an external fuel pump and a walbro inline pump. This pumps through a large WIX filter to a custom surge tank. I used 3.5" (3.25"ID) alum tube that is 12" long with 4 side npt fittings, one at the bottom and then three towards the top. The top I drilled a hole in it (prior to sending it off) and the drilled tapped the holes for the sending unit.  I had Kevin Smith from KSR Tig weld it up for me. I made it long and skinny as I installed an aircraft sending unit and gauge on it. The sender also has a warning light you can wire up and I use a yellow warning light. I set the warning light to 3/4 of tank to come on. You have that lap to come in or else. You have to calibrate the sender, set empty, set full, set alarm, but it is pretty easy to do.







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