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Fire system nozzles placement?


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Lifeline's fire system recommends four nozzles shooting from the dash towards the driver's middle. Seems like much of the foam will end up coating the driver.

What are alternative nozzle positions? Above driver shooting down? The foam will fall.

Can you place nozzles to the side of cockpit?

Is there a video of a system being discharged?



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2 hours ago, hcsi99 said:

I've been told the nozzles aren't to put the fire out but to give the driver more time to escape.  

Agreed. #1 buy time for driver egress. #2 if it puts out a little engine fire that’s cool too.  #3 if you’ve got a massive bottle and agent to spare point one at the filler neck. 

I’ve never had foam, so maybe more of what you’re asking is how to place nozzles to achieve maximum driver foamy-ness?  Does it squirt or fan out?  Not sure there, but here’s a good video on placement. 



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Go to the Life Line web page. Look at the different systems. I installed a 4 lt. It came with 8 nozzles. It noted to put 4 around the engine midway up the engine. Then 4 inside. Two on each side of the steering column pointed at your mid section. Not toward the face. Two on the passenger side. I put one on the passenger side and one pointed toward my hatch back. Tank is enclosed but just in case.  They send everything and fits perfect. I used every inch of the tubing. You do have to make the bracket that will hold the nossel and allow a tab to attach it to the body. Passed tech. The tank can be reinspected when it expires for about $150. I used wire clamps to hold the tubing down. In the picture of the engine bay look for the blue tips firewall and fender are the nozzle. You can see the tubing on the fender top. I have two pointed down at the top and I have two you cant see in front of fender well point mid block toward the back. 


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