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Driver - Mechanic Sought for New Team forming in VA/MD/DC/WV Area

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We are Fiasco Racing and are based out of Summit Point but live all over the DMV(WV) area


We have a shop less than 7 minutes from Summit (shop maybe too generous a word but it is covered, sheltered, and in tolerable to normal individuals 9 months out of the year)


We are SCCA Competition License Holders (have raced in SSM, SRX7, EP) and are looking for someone with Mechanical Skills to join us as we branch out into Champ Car and Endurance Racing


Currently we have 5 Porsche 944s, two running, three in need of work, that could be used for Champ Car


At least 2 of these 944s would be made available for Champ Car racing and that is where the Mechanical skill part comes in


The cars are caged (SCCA/NASA Spec) with rear suspension already installed and gone through.


I can do the work, albeit slowly and with possibility of fire, smoke, fire and smoke, or fire, smoke, and total destruction


If you are looking for a chance to get into Champ Car without having to buy a car then let me know and we can go from there




Keith Fiasco











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I too have a garage space that's only manageable for 9mo! sub-freezing wrenching is tough lol


I'm about 45min from Summit. Been doing Champ for about 5 years now with an e30. I'd love to come out and chat. I can wrench / drive / assist in any way you need. Always great to meet another local team!


What races are you guys looking to race this year for Champcar?


I'll be down @ Summit May 30- April 2 for the SCCA track weekend. I'd love to come by if you got time.


@Hinton@ChrisG I know Bryce / Chris would also be interested in helping when time permits.

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Odd story, back sometime in the early 201x, a co-worker of mine came up to me and told me that her father-in-law was involved with this Endurance Racing endeavor called "Chump Car" - I hadn't started racing cars then, still karting - but looked it up and became very interested. It's taken 10 years + to get to this point so being patient and waiting a little longer won't hurt too much.


I'm not sure how you are bending time to make May 30th go through to April 2nd but if you are able to do that then I'm all up for meeting 👍 and I'm normally there every weekend cursing at things and wondering how my life arrived at this place.


Honestly not really sure what the plans are for this year, sort of feeling our way through 2021, aimed mostly at end of 2021 / 2022


I have seats and some interested parties - the biggest problem I've found so far is finding someone whose mechanical skills exceed mine (which is a low bar to begin with) and having them available. If there is interest and enthusiasm I've got the seats.



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10 minutes ago, Fiasco Racing said:

I'm not sure how you are bending time to make May 30th go through to April 2nd.....


ooops....April30-May2. My brain has checked out for the week. I'll reach out closer to that weekend!


Our next race this year will be Nelson Ledges in July.

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