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Brand new lifeline fire suppression system

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Do you need a fire suppression system?

Do you want to support a series sponsor?

Do you want to fail champcar tech?

Do you worry your street car might catch on fire?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the perfect deal for you! 

Im looking to get rid of a brand new lifeline fire suppression System. I ordered it around a month ago and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to remove it from the car this past weekend and buy a new system from the discovery parts trailer. 

This system comes with all metal fittings, the system that passes tech only has cheap plastic fittings! What a deal!

Both systems use the same Eaton synflex tubing and identical cables/pull handles. 

Here’s the info on the system for sale. 
Id take $200 for it plus a couple bucks for shipping. 


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Lolz.  Do you want to fail tech!


Is that because it is 2.25 l and the bccr says 4.0l (iirc)


Edit!  As pointed out below, the minimum size is 2.0l.



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27 minutes ago, wvumtnbkr said:

Lolz.  Do you want to fail tech!


Is that because it is 2.25 l and the bccr says 4.0l (iirc)?

No. 2.0L is the minimum. Must be fia or sfi certified. I assumed all lifeline systems were. I was wrong. They only make one system that will pass champcar tech requirements. 

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