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Veteran champcar racer looking for seat at Willow Springs

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I am looking for a second seat at Willow Springs (I am also racing with Uncommon Friends). I am a veteran champcar racer and serial renter. I have raced for 19 different teams at 20 different tracks in champcar. I have raced in cars varying from 70hp vw rabbits to championship contending fully prepped machines. If you want to see how fast your car really is I am your man, if you want me to baby it in 5th gear while watching your trans temps like a hawk I can do that, or you want me to keep your car on the track in mixed conditions I can do so too. I am also an engineer by trade and can provide consulting on many areas from engine calibration (which I did for GM/Ford/Saleen), vehicle dynamics (I did chassis controls for Ford/Tesla), or just general racing (I owned my own team, have created lap sims for multiple teams, used driver in the loop setups from GWR, and have done driver coaching for GM). I know the rule book pretty well and have submitted  multiple rule changes over the years (some that even happened).  I come with my renters kits (includes spring rubbers, toe plates, tire temp probes, temp stickers, radios, video streaming, i've even been known to throw a race capture telemetry in cars I rent *unfortunately not available for willows*). I can also just shut up and drive if requested. I have passed limit handling evaluations and training from Ford, General Motors, and TRC. I dabble in iRacing where I hold a B license. Had my full comp SCCA license but let it expire long ago. 


You can find multiple videos, reference's, and additional information about me at my website https://jameswolak.wordpress.com/teams-and-cars-i-have-raced-with/





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