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2021 ChampCar iRacing Series: Round 11, Mosport Park - 8/18/2021, 8/25/2021


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First off, want to apologise for the slight delay we experienced in the launch of the previous championship round. When optimising/scheduling the sessions I create the practice round and then copy all settings over to the championship round. Unfortunately, this also requires you to change the date of the session to the next week, and that obviously got missed. Got a call from @Hugh Jass whilst on a New Jersey Transit train home from work and fortunately he and the rest of the HJ team were able to fix the issue on my behalf so thank you to them for stepping into the breach and my apologies for any disruption.


Back to your regularly scheduled racing this week, as we head north of the border to Mosport Park; a great track and one that is sure to be a lot of fun in the Street Stock. Tire management will be important, as will avoiding the wall in Moss corner. 


Session Details


  • Practice Round 1: Wednesday, 18-August-2021
  • Practice Round 2: Monday, 23-August-2021
  • Championship Round: Wednesday, 25-August-2021
  • Practice Start: 6:30pm ET
  • Qualifying Start: 8:30pm ET
  • Race Start: 9:30pm ET
  • Car: Street Stock
  • Track: Canadian Tires Motorsport Park
  • In-Sim Practice Session Date: Saturday, 9-October-2021
  • In-Sim Practice Session Start Time: 1:00pm
  • In-Sim Time Multiplier: 1x
  • Weather: Auto-Generated
  • Setup: Fixed Setup with 16g starting fuel (Download)
  • Fast Repairs: 1
  • License Requirements: Practice Rounds (None), Championship Round (>D2.0)


Useful Links

ChampCar iRacing Series - League Application

Discord Server

2021 ChampCar iRacing Series schedule

2021 CCiS Broadcast Information Form

2021 CCiS Protest Form

Guide to iRacing and Hardware

How to create your own iRacing paints

iRacing Tips and Resources

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And to forestall the next bit of feedback, I fixed the championship round so that it is only a 1 hour race. 


I also put an additional practice round in for Monday evening with the correct race length in case anybody needs to get their reps in.



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Unofficial results:


We now have 22 drivers who are still be eligible for the prize drawing at the end of the season (7 or more races with over half the laps completed)


Points standings for top 25 (best 7 of 11):


Position Points Name
1 334 Alex Albert
2 312 Mark W McCormack
3 290 Nicholas Love3
4 286 Justin Hall
5 261 Keith Carlson
6 258 Simon Foweather
7 230 Ian Giebeler
8 196 Andrew Cossick
9 193 Alex Koffard
10 190 Charles Kowalczyk
11 187 Bradley Dailey
12 184 Mark Krueger
13 183 Chris Kniseley
14 182 Troy Isadore
15 180 Aaron Thorp
16 180 Shane Cameron
17 171 Tim Weyer
18 169 Neil Hancock
19 164 Jay Sofianek
20 157 Scott Grinnell2
21 149 Clinton Ford
22 148 David Warden2
23 144 Christopher Flamion
24 135 Jared Kubit
25 128 David Palermo
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Absolutely crazy race for me. Couldn’t get a clean lap with a draft during qualy combined with a strong field meant I started farther back than usual. I tried to just be consistent and wait for my opportunities but of course over drive early and went into the grass and lost 4 places. Ended up working my way up a spot or two and then pitted super early and just went to work. 

The street stock is so hard to get consistent laps which was a struggle and since I was by myself for most of it, I found my mind wandering and making mistakes. Once everyone else started to pit I realized I wasn’t too far off. With some luck and lots of lapped traffic I was able to pull off the podium. 

Sorry to whoever spun in front of me and I tapped your rear quarter once you were sideways. I was just too close to you when you lost it. 

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Crap race, crap driving from me.  Something something get gud scrub.  I kinda figured this was gonna be a rough one when I couldn't put together 4 contiguous laps in quali.  2 laps into the race at Quebec corner I caught a spinning car to the right front wheel that took out steering and put me in the wall...had to wait on camel towing back to the pits.  Get back out, 2 laps later I mess up and spin, have to back onto track, thought I found a gap, backed up and saw car coming, tried to get back to the inside as he was going outside...until he attempted to go inside.  Call up camel towing again...1:50 of optional repairs...whatever I'm laps down at this point.  On my second lap back out, car still doesn't feel right and understeers into Clayton...into the wall.  That's enough for me.  I used to like the SS...not a fan.


Combined with how this year has gone overall, my iracing/real racing career seems to reflect that as well.

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That was a fun race, I really enjoy running the SS at mid-sized courses.


I wish I was able to get home sooner so I could race with Alex and Mark, but unfortunately with work, I'm barely able to make the grid (sometimes not at all). 

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I really enjoyed this car and track.  It was my first time at Mosport at the first practice session and the track is just awesome.  I couldn't believe how far back I qualified with a 1:48.9 (16th).  Moved up a few spots in the first 3 laps, then messed up my breaking into turn 8 and got some grass on the outside and spun in front of 2 others.  Luckily, they avoided me.  Lost like 4 spots from that.  Then on lap 8 I was overaggressive into 2 and went wide again, but this time made it to the wall.  Decided to just come to the pits for my fast repair, since I didn't want the potential of an overheating issue.  Managed to move up from 20th after pitting to 13th, but somehow I ended up 11th at the finish.  It was fun (at least for me) to be racing around the 3rd-7th most of the race, as I came out just behind the top 3 after my pitstop.

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Set a PR in qualifying at 1:28.3 and was a bit disappointed that this only netted a P11 start.


As usual was a little wobbly at the start and gave up a few spots, and I had some light contact on lap 1 on the LF.  After a bit I got settled in and started putting down some laps.  Mosport to me is a place where you race the track so I tried to avoid racing the other cars, and staying out of trouble along with the attrition monster got me ahead of my starting position in a relatively short time.  


There was a portion of the race where I was right with John Hurley.  Lap after lap I was hanging on, and for a bit was actually closing the gap.  This is not normal for me I wondered if anyone noticed! 


Also noticed Jacob Hiller in the relative.  We went back and forth a bit mostly changing positions when one of us made a mistake. 


I had a good groove going so I went a little past halfway before pitting.  I was ahead of Jacob about 5 seconds going in.  Pit was routine except I lost a few seconds when I hit reverse to leave the pits.    After it was over I was 5 seconds behind him!  I hung there for quite a while - and improved my PR to 1:28.1 - but then with just a few laps to go he went off at turn 2 and I caught right back up, and the next lap he did it again and I got by.  Couple that with Simon's misfortune and I made it up to P9.  


Ended up with .9 gallons of fuel left and only 1 incident for the whole race, and at 62 seconds behind the leaders that is the closest I have finished to P1 so far. 


When I first saw the Mosport/street stock combo I have to say it was my second least favorite race of the season.  After way too much practice I really got to liking it.  Lots of fast corners and not a lot of heavy braking - reminds me a bit of my home track except for the huge elevation changes. 


Overall good race, but not as exciting as the 1-1 match Ian and I had in my unofficial practice event.  We ran 29 1/2 of the 30 minutes not more than 3.5 seconds from each other the entire time.  Since there was just two of us, the Reese Bobby proclamation was 100% true: "if you ain't first you're last!"


And thanks @David Haines for setting Devon straight - its MOSTmint lol

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