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Nathan Gardiner - seeking BoD nomination

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Saw Chris' post on facebook about a lack of nominated Board candidates and decided to provide myself as another choice for one of the BoD spots.



Nathan Gardiner #CC007996


If you are reading this you probably know my car and history in the series so I won't go into much detail there. I considered BoD runs in the past but didn't follow through. This year I started in a new career which is affording me more free time: stay at home dad. With this new career I'll have the time to commit to the BoD and take on some work.


My 'pitch' is that (in votes / decisions) I will seek to maintain what makes ChampCar unique and appealing. To me, the unique and appealing aspects of ChampCar that we should preserve and focus on are summed up in two main points:

1) Wide variety of cars competing for the same podium. Miatas with great handling toe to toe with American muscle with great PWR. Mostly stock BMWs/Lexus neck and neck with highly modified hondas that are way faster than their humble factory roots. Cars from the 1980s competing with cars from the 2000s. You get the picture. This is our niche.

2) Accessible budget for 'average joes'. ChampCar is the cheapest path to fantastic endurance road racing.


To preserve this niche that ChampCar enjoys, we need to resist the urge to copy others. Too often I see posts to the effect of "XYZ does this and it works for them, we should do it too" or "if we adopt these rules from XYZ series, we will attract those racers". I think this is misguided. I have only ever raced ChampCar because I like the ruleset better than the other series. ChampCar will lose what makes it great and unique (and will lose racers like me) if it washes out the unique aspects by adopting rules / strategy from others.


Potential drawbacks to me being a board member:

- I race a BMW e30. Some forum members have voiced concern that there are already too many BMW racers on the board.

- No experience on a professional board / organization board / any kind of management board.


If you have questions, I can answer them here.

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