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Hello! Looking for seat @ Mid Ohio

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Hello to all!!!

  My name is Brent, I live in southern Indiana near Louisville Kentucky.  I'm 50 years young and a millwright by trade.  Ive been a diehard fan and student of motorsports for 30+ years, with any form of road racing being my true passion.


  I'm looking for a seat at mid ohio this year in September. More importantly, I'm planning on attending a few races in my area (NCM, VIR, autobahn....) prior to the mid ohio round and i was wanting to volunteer to help out said team, if they need/want help. I'm wanting to do this for a few rounds to get to know the layout, get comfortable with the processes and meet some like minded folks.

  I would be considered a first timer, but I'm looking for a B class seat if possible.  Also, helping crew while not driving is a must for me and my experience. 


  I've had some very limited scca club W2W experience in the early 90's.  Occasional track days, scca solo2 and shifter karting over a decade ago. I have countless hours of Sim time.    (I was that weird guy in the 90s with a wheel and pedals and a pvc homemade rig🙂)  ....seriously, I've had a Sim rig for decades!  I've attended many races over the years and am familiar with hot pits and all that comes with being at the track. 


  This is something I've wanted to do for years and finally i am able to make it happen and I want to go about it the right way for me. Just wanted to Introduce myself, put some feelers out for seats.



 Hope to see you all at the track soon!!!

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