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2022 ChampCar iRacing Series: Broadcast Information and Protest Forms


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Hope everyone is looking forward to the first CCiS championship round tomorrow. Wanted to take the opportunity to link the updated versions of the information and protest forms that we introduced last season.


Broadcast Information:


Our partners at HJBC do a fantastic job at the live broadcasts of the championship rounds, covering battles and drivers throughout the field. To help them out further, please consider providing additional information about yourself and your racing adventures. This will help engage viewers and give a rounded perspective of the field of drivers in the CCiS. Additionally, if you have a preferred permanent number to use in the series, please let me know via this form and I will set it in the league parameters - this will aid consistency from round to round.






Whilst the CCiS community takes pride in clean and respectful racing, it is an unfortunate inevitability that disagreements will arise on track from time-to-time. The purpose of this form is to formalise any protest that a competitor wishes to escalate to myself as series administrator, and to provide accountability for their resolution. Replay evidence should be provided with every protest (either video uploaded or a link to an uploaded replay file that I can download and view). Any protests resulting from a CCiS race must be submitted before the next CCiS round takes place to ensure timely resolution.



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