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SOLD 04 Miata - $6k - NE TN - Caged, previously raced

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Car:  2004 Mazda MX-5 Miata, 5spd manual, factory LSD

Mileage:  109k

Price:  $6000 USD.  No trades/part-outs.

Location:  Jonesborough, TN (~30-45 mins to NC/VA borders)

Title:  Rebuilt (previously salvage).  In my name, ready to transfer to buyer.

Pictures:  https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai6kFaKBWDwzhMMlJyaKcDuxKFDsqA?e=LnMNBA - more available on request.  Let me know what you want to see.

Contact:  Forum PM, E-mail billy.b1147@yahoo.com




I purchased this car from salvage auction after it had a passenger rear impact.  The passenger rear control arms, hub, shock/spring, and wheel were replaced due to accident damage (see pics).  Title was originally salvage, but I went through the process to get it converted to rebuilt so it can be registered in TN.  Title is in my name and ready to transfer to buyer.


Car passed inspection (with a door bar waiver, more details below) and raced at VIR-S in March 2022.  Our best lap was 1:33.7.  We are a beginner team and did a lot of driver swaps and took our time.  This is a great car for a starter team or for a more experienced team to turn into a competitive racer.  The car is mechanically almost completely stock, ready to mod how you wish.  Car has a VPI of 356 (+6 points for extra tubes in roll cage which could be cut out).  After meeting with my team post-race, it was decided the best path forward is to sell the car.  Add one door bar, and you're ready to race ChampCar.  I believe the cage is legal with many orgs as it sits, but no guarantees - see build progress pics which has many pics of the cage being built and verify yourself if this is a concern.


If you want additional pictures, information, videos, etc., contact me via e-mail or forum PM.  For serious buyers, I can likely help with transport within a few hours of Jonesborough, TN; ask for more information.


Car setup/specs:


-          Rollcage professionally installed by Rollcage Components.  Has additional rear bars that add points for ChampCar, but also adds safety.  These could be cut if needed.  Cage is 1.5" x .120 DOM.  Our door bars did not pass, but we were granted a waiver to race.  This is an easy fix - one bar needs to be added on the driver side to pass Champcar.

-          Spec miata drop pan from Advanced Motorsports.

-          Full fiberglass hard top with rear lexan from Treasure Coast Miata (made by CCP fabrications).

-          Track Dog racing "Ultrashield TDR Rally Sport" 16" aluminum driver AND passenger seats with covers.

-          Track Dog racing aftermarket oil sender unit (turns the stock oil pressure gauge into one that varies with pressure as opposed to being an on/off dummy gauge)

-          4x Konig "WideOpen" 15x8 +25mm wheels with Toyo R1R 225/45 tires mounted.  We did the one race on these wheels/tires (plus some other shorter non endurance events).  Tread is in the 4/32-5/32 range.  I'd think you'd be able to get another race out of these tires.

-          Miata Brake Kit from Good-Win-Racing (https://www.good-win-racing.com/Mazda-Performance-Part/61-2420.html) - Stoptech slotted rotors, Porterfield R4 pads on front, R4S on rear, stainless steel lines.  Brake pads measure at around 8mm front, 5mm rear.  Fronts plenty good for another race, rears wear quickly since they are not endurance pads - may want to replace those.

-          Recently replaced clutch master and slave cylinder, with stainless steel line.

-          Crowe 6 point racing harnesses (driver and passenger).  Dec 2023 date.

-          Lifeline Zero 2000 4.0L Fire Suppression.  Next service June 2023

-          Car was originally a SC car, and has no major rust.

-          Suspension, engine, and exhaust are stock.

-          RaceQuip Window Net.  Date: Jun 2023

-          Air duct blower set to blow on windshield to help with defrost.

-          Longacre 17" panoramic rear view mirror

-          Moss Miata vented quarter windows


Extras Included with car:

-          5x factory wheels.  4x have mounted all season tires that can be used as track spares in a pinch.  1x was hit in the original accident - I kept it, it may or may not be reusable.

-          A few good used parts we kept as spares, such as original brake parts, clutch cylinder, oil sending unit.

-          Carbon Miata overfenders (not painted or installed, but included)

-          1x Seat back brace


The "bad":


-          Body work was poorly done.  I am not a body person, and it shows.  The intent was to help prevent rust and get the wheel to fit back under the wheel arches.  If you want it to be better, you'd need to cut the passenger quarter, and weld a new one in.  You'd also likely need a new rear bumper cover.  The passenger door does not line up well (it does open and close fine), and the top does not have a 100% air/water-tight seal as a result of this body damage.  The car drives well, just do not expect a pristine body.

-          After putting in the drop pan, the exhaust rattles against the drop pan.  I'd suggest replacing the exhaust anyway as it is 100% stock currently.

-          We had to do a quick fix on the rear glass to pass inspection. We missed installing the metal hold down straps, so those were cut and installed at the track.  They passed inspection but should probably be replaced with something a little better.  This was a quick track side fix and it shows.

-          As stated above, door bars need work to pass next ChampCar inspection.  You can easily add one bar to pass without reworking the existing bars if desired.

-          There is a very slow oil leak somewhere.  Possible rear main seal.  We noticed after our race the transmission has a thin film of oil.  The oil level looks good and it hasn't even dripped on my garage, so whatever it is, it's a slow leak.

-          After installing drop pan, harness bar was too high.  We added a bolt in bar to fix this.  This passes ChampCar inspection, but may be an issue with other orgs.  If you are short enough, you can raise the seat back up and use the original bar.




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