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New A Class team looking for driver(s)

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Hello, my name is Ben. Myself and two others have started a new team this year and are looking to compete at autobahn, mid-Ohio, Nelson 24, and Pitt. We drive a 1994 Miata that has campaigned in champcar over the past 2 seasons. 

We are looking to add an additional driver or two that are interested in gaining seat time, and most importantly experience. It would be helpful if you had some mechanical experience, but it is not required. 

We are based out of the Akron, Ohio area. The car is competitive in A class, we are learning to get the most out of it this year and be competitive next year as new drivers. 

Thank you!

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hey Ben, I'm in the Cincinnati area and have been driving SCCA, and enduro races off and on for 35 years. I'm interested in becoming part of your team. I'm interested in racing at all of the tracks that you mention in your post. Feel free to call my cell at 937-477-0191


Bill Ehrstine

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Hello, my name is Nick. I am based in CA but I have the time to travel to the the East and Central US.


I have experience with PCA Club Racing, Lemons and Champ Car.


Please contact me at nickperdi@gmail.com or call me at 310-901-8154.


Even if you do not want to add someone living far from Ohio, please give me a call, I will appreciate talking to you about the team set-up.




Nick Perdikaris



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