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Rule 9.1 - Vent window glass?

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Can the glass be left in the small triangular windows of the doors if it's covered with safety film?  


Rule 9.1 says in part:

9.1.1. All glass except front OE safety glass windshields must be removed from all vehicles (including EC cars) participating in ANY ChampCar event, except for the following exemptions: 9.1.2. Rear glass may remain in the car provided it is covered by a clear safety window film (not tape, not tint). Example: 3M Scotchshield.


There's also a one-event exemption saying: "For a cars FIRST ChampCar event, it MAY retain the original side window, rear window, and/or sunroof glass ..."  None of those seem to cover the little "vent windows" at the leading edge of the doors.


I have a miata, which has small triangular windows ahead of the mirrors on both sides.  The doors have been gutted and have no side window glass, but the little triangular glass is still present.  They don't open.  


Our second race is coming up.  For our first race we covered the triangular windows with safety film.  I'd like to avoid having to remove/replace the glass if possible).



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