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Looking for drivers - VIR 24

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Sorry, full. If anyone drops out, I'll update this post. 


Have 3 spots 1 SPOT open for VIR 24 in Aug in the Vette. Laid back team that generally finished all races; aside from ones of blowing up the motor. 

Looking for people who are laid back, clean drivers. Class D car that's taking a couple laps in penalty; we can make laps up provided a full clean race. References a plus. 


Cost is $996+fuel for two stints. 



Details about package - 

Pretty much an arrive and drive. Cost includes everything less fuel as with current fuel costs, I can't predict where it will be next month. We will have an RV or two there so there will be places to sleep. Trailer also has AC and will have a blow up mattress. We will have at minimum snacks for food. 


About the car: 1996 Corvette running an LT motor mated to a 6 speed. Go through the motor every <100hrs. Mods are mostly for survivability but include, ATI balancer, oil cooler, high capacity oil pan. Recently upgraded ignition via torqhead (so tired of changing optisparks). C5 front brakes on XP24's, rear's are stock '96 units with XP10's. Running Falken Azenis 275/40/17's. This year going to compare the 615k+'s and the 660's so will have sets of each. Car has IMSA radio harness and cool shirt. If there's time, I'll be installing a forced air setup as well. 


Break downs: Try as I might, I can't predict what will happen during the race. In the event something does happen where you can't run your second stint, I will refund half your money as you only used half the consumables. 



Send email: joe.a.guerra@gmail.com. 



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I know you are full, but if you have a driver drop out text me at 828-606-9768. 

Have raced 4-VIR 24hr events, 3 March South Course in a E30 BMW. Raced this passed Dec 8+7 North Course in a Miata. 

I have 50+ track days with Chin at VIR, Road Atlanta & Daytona. Half of them in a C6 Base and the latter Half in a C6Z / Z07. 

Yes I am a die hard Corvette guy. 




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