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One seat!! Looking for driver- VIR 24

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Twisted Nutz Racing is foing to VIR24 for the first time. Looking to fill two cars (still have three seats open). Looking for drivers who can keep the car on the track, avoid contact, and bring the car back in one piece for the next driver. If you can turn some great lap times in the process, good for you. You will need to assist with pit stops and if need be throw a wrench at the car. $2000 for seat time, 5 hours plus practice time. Will be running a 93 civic coupe with a 2.0L. Price includes your share of fuel and tires as well as entry. PM for more info, or text at 607-483-4106 


Civic has a fresh completely rebuilt b20 high compression/torque engine 200+ hp and rear disc swap

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