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Experienced Driver looking for seat at Pitt

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I am going to be in the area (Ohio, Akron) for the race and would LOVE to use the free babysitting from my in-laws to sneak away to a race. I have been racing with champcar for.....10 years....jesus thats longer then I thought. In those 10 years, have raced at 21 different tracks, in 21 different cars  and have done 50+ races. I have raced AWD, RWD, FWD, low powered, high powered, cheap, expensive, good, bad, Muican cars, German cars, Japanese cars. I would love to do the practice and a stint on both days. Ive raced 3 races this year already (Sonoma, Seca, and Willows). Typically I roll up with my super sweet renters kits with fun tools like spring rubbers, thermo stickers, toe plates, race capture telemetry, etc BUT this will be a fly in race for me (Cali) so I am roughing it (I bet I still have spring rubbers).  I have a website were I try to keep a digital racing resume. https://jameswolak.wordpress.com/ which includes years of videos, referrals from past teams, and more information/services I can provide. 








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