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EC 1987 Porsche 944 S w/ S2 upgrades FOR SALE

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50419665_driversfrontqtr.jpg.5c52fb454b377ca8cf0aca07bc2d42f1.jpg1987 Porsche 944 S with S2 upgrades built for racing. SCCA logbook for car has been issued for this car to run ITR. THIS IS A RACE CAR AND DOES NOT HAVE A TITLE! IT IS SOLD WITH ITS SCCA LOGBOOK AND THAT IS IT. This car has a brand new/fresh 3.0L motor to include a 968 block, cross drilled 968 crankshaft (standard main and rod journals), turbo rods, new rod and main bearings, new piston rings, new gaskets and seals and a Jon Milledge head/cams. Not sure what more to say about the motor, its NEW! (balance shafts have been deleted) The car has a VEMS engine management box and direct air pipe that goes from the airbox to the throttle body. The oiling system has been refreshed with the installation of a check valve and has an Accusump system. Cooling is done by a Lyndsay Racing aluminum radiator and functional cooling fans w/ new thermostat. The gearbox has been FULLY rebuilt as can be seen in the photos. Suspension is MCS coil overs and a stock rear torsion tube less the torsion bars. M030 big brakes are on the car w/ Hawke pads. There are 3 sets of wheels with the car: 1) Fikse wheels, 2) Turbo twists (as pictured), 3) D90. Full roll cage w/ Petty bar next to the driver and a Cobra FIA seat. Currently the belts are expired but the fire bottle is current and FIA good through 2025. We used the car for the PittRace Historics, Test & Tune Days (at Nelsons Ledges) and for ChampCar (where we lost the motor and had reason to rebuild). Not sure what I missed, but I am sure all of you racer folks will find something to poke at so ask away.  Feel free to email or call/text 724-766-2178









riders front qtr.jpg

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