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2023 TireRack.com ChampCar Endurance Series Schedule

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I have deleted the 2023 Schedule Post. There were some mistakes with all the editing that was done to get it where it was.
Right now, we are only going to list the 2023 events on the website's events page. There will be a few other events/venue dates that Dana and Chelsey are working on securing. Despite the rampant rumors, Circuit de la Sarthe is not one of them. Now ChampCars' return to Japan may be announced on 4/1/2023.
The September Mid-Ohio date is still to be determined. I have listed it on the weekend that we normally race there. Please don't go booking hotels yet for that weekend.
I made some mistakes last year with some of the test days. Sorry about that. As you may see, Test+8+7-Hour, Test+14-Hour, etc, may be listed as the event type. Test means that the test day is sponsored by ChampCar and is included in your entry fee. There may be other Test/HPDE events at some race weekends, sponsored by the track or another HPDE organizer. As we get that information, it will be shown in the supps.
The National Championship will be at Road Atlanta on February 5, 2023, a 14-Hour single-day winner takes all event.
If you have read this far, I want to thank you. As 2023 is considered the Year Of Endurance Racing by the Endurance Racers Almanac*, you should start entering these races now.
*made up marketing terms and book.
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20 minutes ago, Wittenauer Motorsports said:

Hopefully one of the TBA events is the "2023 Longest Day of Nelson Ledges 24 Hours".  Great track/event that was unfortunately poorly attended this year.




Turtle would show up for that I'm sure! Better and faster! Lol


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6 hours ago, enginerd said:

@Bill Strong Brainerd was mentioned on the podcast, any word on a date or if that fell through?

Nothing. If it is added, it will be put on the schedule and I will make posts everywhere. I don't hide things like that. 

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