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What about this cage?


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I think this is a former lemons car. 

1. What do you think about the drivers door bar? The vertical bars looks funny

2. Passenger door bar should be fine? There are 2 horizontal bars, the diag bar is just bonus


3. The shoulder harness bar is not straight as in the BCCR but goes around the seat (I guess because the car is tiny).


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Might be the camera angle, but the main hoop diagonal appears to hit the top somewhere near the middle (which is very much not ideal).  Points 1-3 in your post seem ok to me (at least from what I can see), but I'm not tech though so this opinion may not be worth much more than you paid...


edit:  might be worth checking the contact pads... a lot of older cars seem to be under the 16 sq in required nowadays.

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39 minutes ago, turbogrill said:

Was an old Datsun, too bad they all rust away

Yes that is their downfall. Great sounding engine and decent handling. I wish I had my first pl510 back some days but it was terribly rusty 25 years ago. Was fun before I knew better. Good luck finding a better starting point car. 

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Shoulder bar is the hard part.  I had a Nissan with similar issue.  If you wanted the main hoop to land at the rocker/floor area, it wouldn't allow the harness bar to be behind the seat, or it needed to be at about 30 degree angle.


Looks like that car was built with some tall people in mind.


I have a hunch you'd need to replace the tires before starting a race.  Might be OK for a test day.

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