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FS: SOLD! Turnkey 1985 Toyota Supra w/K24 Swap - $9500

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1985 Supra with Honda K24 swap. Raced in several endurance series with some success.


12/9/2022 - A deposit has been accepted toward purchase. I will continue updates as things progress.


Located in the Atlanta area.




Lemons: A few Top 6 finishes including a 24-hour at Autobahn.

Champcar: Several Top 5 including Barber, NCM, Road Atlanta, and VIR 24-hour.

SCCA: Bracket Enduro overall win at AMP

WRL: 1st (AMP) and 2nd (CMP) overall

bracket racing: 1st and 2nd overall at AMP

Gridlife GLTC – fun but not competitive for sprint racing


Lap Times

CMP: 1:48.6

Barber: 1:42.7

Road Atlanta: 1:40.7

AMP: 1:31.9



2005 K24A2 from TSX (197hp rated, makes 220hp on dyno)

KPower E30 oil pan

McGregor Bellhousing K24 to Toyota W58 transmission

Toyota W58 transmission

Aluminum flywheel and OE-style clutch

OE Driveshaft

OE 4.30 LSD diff with cooling system

OE Axles

OE S2000 header welded to a K24 flange. Full 3” exhaust.

KPower Intake manifold with B-series cable TB


Brakes and suspension:

Front – Nissan ZX32 4-piston Aluminum calipers with ST43 pads

Rear – OE calipers and rotors with R4S pads

OE front strut housing with coilovers and Bilstein inserts

Rear: 400lb shorter springs and Bilstein shocks



Megasquirt MS3Pro

Custom wire harness

Racepack dash

Defroster grid on windshield



Fuel Safe 22-gallon cell with 2l external surge tank (legal volume for Champcar is 18.1 gallons)

3 external fuel pumps for redundancy and reserve

Corvette regulator/filter



(8) 17x9 MST wheels and an assortment of new and used Hankook RS4 - 255/40-17



OMP HTE-R halo seat

Firesense suppression system recertified Nov 2022

Window net and seat harness time out at the end of this year.


Additional details will be shared with new owner

Lots of spares




















Gridlife- AMP. 



Road Atlanta - Champcar  



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Sorry to see you guys moving on from the car... was fun running back and forth with you in the SLK at AMP. The car had good power on the straights, seemed like better power than the SLK but not quite the same handling.


The laptimes listed are inline with what we could run in the SLK at those tracks on cool\cold open days, and the SLK and Supra posted fast laps within tenths of each other in qual and the race at AMP. So yes, it is fast :) 

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I'm building a K Swap Celica of the same vintage to go hunting Porshe and Audi. Unfortunately I can't do that within a CC budget. Maybe I'll enter a few races in EC during testing. 


270hp K24 attached to a Nissan CD009 6-speed. Test fitting soon. My brain is full of stupid ideas. 😅



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  • revvhappy changed the title to FS: SOLD! Turnkey 1985 Toyota Supra w/K24 Swap - $9500

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