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Electronic participation and the Electronic Driver and Gear Check Agreement

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I might have missed it in the video (apologies if so).  But once we are fully on board with the electronic gear check, how will we be getting yearly helmet stickers and weekend drivers bands?


Right now I visit registration once at my first race of the year and get my sticker, and then I do not go back all year. For the remaining races the team captain hands me my driver band.

From the video it sounds like starting 2024 there will be no helmet sticker. My drivers band covers the gear check as well.  Will each member need to visit registration at each race to get this "cover it all" band or will the team captain get all of the bands still (assuming all members have signed the forms)?


Also it is mentioned that moving forward these forms will be due when your member ship is up.  Mine is up in March, but I often drive the February Rd Atlanta Race.

So in 2027 I will be waiting to submit my gear form until march but I will still have 2026 compliant gear at my first event.  My helmet can be a SA2015 and be illegal per the rules but I am legal by the forms. 

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You are signing an agreement that you will have all the proper gear for the race. That agreement expires when your membership expires. I still don't understand how we will be doing the helmet decals. I thought they were going away.
If you don't have the proper gear on when you leave pit lane, we can send you behind the wall and not let you onto the track. So It's up to you to know that you have the proper gear.
I still need to understand the process for registration. I'll learn more this weekend and create a proper email for everyone to read. I hate things like this going out as a video. I'll get it sorted and sent out.

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