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So it just so happens that the day after the 14 at Daytona we will be heading right by Richmond while the Cup race is going on.  We are going to stop and watch it.  We will be hauling a trailer and I'm wondering if any of you have been? Will it be tough to get parking?  Should we buy tickets ahead of time if theres a risk of a sellout?  Any advice?



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NASCAR has obviously had a slump in recent years, but I would guess that race day tickets would still be both a premium and/or difficult to find. I would plan accordingly and prepurchase tickets. 


As to parking, I would plan ahead. I have never attended a NASCAR Cup event but have been involved in events leading into them at New Hamphsire and Indy, as well as other high profile spector events at other tracks. Do not underestimate the attraction and utter chaos. Parking could be hard to come by with a trailer, especially race day without reservations. Lodging could also be hard to find at this point. Might be worth finding an out of the way place on your wa home past the track that you can secure the trailer and backtrack to the race.

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