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1999 Acura Integra GSR Champcar Project

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1999 Integra GSR for sale. 

Car is currently a rolling shell ready for roll cage installation.

I am selling all of my Honda/Acura stuff as a package. I was planning on building this car to run Champcar but went a different path. The car was a complete street car I bought off Craigslist. All parts and pieces not needed for racing were sold. I bought an additional 1998 GSR that had minor front end damage for parts. The '98 only had 107,000 miles on it. 


Included in the sale are all the parts needed to assemble the race car and an entire second car worth of parts as spares.


I also had been collecting parts needed for he build. There are a few new parts. Hubs, axles, caliper rebuild kits, SS brake lines, brake pads, slave cylinder, clutch, timing belt, water pump at least 12 wix oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, front fenders, front bumper cover, kevlar floor board, steering wheel hub. Some used wheel spacers, lightweight flywheel, carbon rear view mirrors, shift light. 7 Integra blade style wheels, non sunroof roof skin.


All bolts are labeled in zip lock bags for easy assembly.


Wiring harness is all labeled what plugs go where.


Tub has had a majority of all the sound deadner and seam sealer removed. All of the parts car suspension is currently on the car so it rolls and steers.


Car is located in Charlotte, NC


I'm asking $5,000 OBO for everything.image.png.4e0bffecd7db2aa6165bdf8119179509.png



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