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National Chumpionship


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The breakfast room at the American, within sight of the Iowa Speedway complex, is already buzzing with Chumps getting ready for the big weekend. Just sat with Stigdad and Stiggy, who are here as support staff.

I will be posting updates here, on the ChumpCar blog (with photos) and on Facebook. Stiggy will be doing likewise.

Weather looks promising. The morning showers have moved to the north and east so no rain in the immediate forecast. Temps will be toasty today for a guy from northern Minnesota, in the upper 80s. It is supposed to be a little cooler on Saturday and Sunday.

I will also be doing some driving this weekend in the Fart-hinder Saab 900. We were not among the invited podium finishers and other outstanding teams, but the Iowa track is reasonably close to the Twin Cities so we are here to get some track time. If there is any time left, watch for updates on the team on Facebook and on our blog: Fart-hinder Racing.

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There are a couple of RX7s, #74 Left Over Parts & #2 Snake Oiler. There is at least one Miata, #47 Chump Change.

Don't have all of the cars because teams often do not list what car they will be running when they enter. Once we start posting results, we will try to include make at least. Unfortunately, we may have to use the random car generator on some as they are difficult to identify. Expect to see some Dacias, Trabants and Tata Nanos in the listing. Maybe even a Dome or a Dymaxion.

Test & Tune has ended, the beer has been opened. See you all tomorrow. Expect my first updates in mid-morning as I will be driving for the first stint aboard the Fart-hinder Racing Saab.

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This is all from memory, so forgive me for a few blanks.

RiffRAF Racing -- 0 Triumph TR6

my little pony -- 1 Ford Mustang

Snake Oiler -- 2 Mazda RX-7 (and a quiet one at that)

Three Sheets Racing -- 3 Ford ZX2

BeaverExpress/Chumpbusters -- 5

Mayhem Racing -- 8

Team Flaming Fiero -- 9 Pontiac Fiero (no show)

Brain NERDS -- 11 Porsche 924

Team Chevette -- 12 Pontiac 1000 (it's a Chevette)

Fringe Class Racing -- 13

Team Tow Mater -- 14 Dodge Dakota

The Danish Flash -- 18 Fox Body Mustang

GasHole Motorsports -- 19 Honda Accord

NorthLoop - Break Dusters -- 20 BMW 525

Eggboy Racing -- 21 Ford Taurus SHO

Will Race For Beer -- 22 Alfa Romeo GTV-6

NorthLoop Motorsports Alt 1 -- 23

Bear Patrol -- 24 Lexus SC400

NorthLoop Motorsports Alt 2 -- 25

Team Shake N Bake -- 26 Toyota MR2

Bare Metal Racing -- 28

Roadies -- 31

Tubby Butterman Racing -- 33 BMW 325

Ambitious But Rubbish -- 36

Mc Rusty Racing -- 38 Toyota Celica (no show)

Fine Sausage Racing -- 41 Nissan 300Z

Beach Dudes Racing -- 42 Datsun 510 Wagon

Old Fart Racing -- 44 Nissan 240SX

Docspeed -- 46

Chump Change Racing -- 47

Free Candy Racing -- 48 Honda Civic

Slugworks -- 49 Honda Civic

British American Racing -- 51 BMW 325

Team Fugu -- 53

Car 54 Where Are You? -- 54

Team RallyImprezive -- 55 Subaru Impreza

Speedlab -- 58

Clown Shoe Motorsports -- 59 BMW 325

Holy Rollers -- 66 Acura Integra

BSD Racing -- 68

Leftover Parts Racing -- 74 Mazda RX-7

Firebird Art Racing Team -- 79 Pontiac Firebird

Team Miaro Racing -- 83 Mazda Miata

Dirty Escort -- 88 Ford Escort

Schumacher Taxi Service -- 89 Toyota Corolla

Fart-hinder Racing -- 92 Saab

Red Baron -- 94 Porsche 924

Team Short Bus -- 99 VW Golf (no show)

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