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A little Sebring Chump coverage in Hot VW's Magazine


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The Guy that wrote the article is Frank Camper. He was involved with the Camo-ed Beetle that Exited the race on the pace lap. They'll be back for Daytona and Sebring. He's done a bunch of Motorsports writing. The photos were taken by Garey Martin, a Customer and friend. I think they did a great job. It's not often that easy to get things into HVW's mag.They're kinda picky about what they print.

I'm always trying to spread the word of ChumpCar.The More the Merrier!

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I am sad to not be the first air cooled chump in the magazine, that was one of my goals.

You could always be the Second Aircooled Chump in the mags. I'm just happy to spread the word of Chump to the Older VW crowd. I'd love to see some VW's at the races. Cool write up on your book.

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Yep, we ran the 24 hrs at PBIR last year. We finished 1st in class, and 23rd overall. That was With a 50-lap penalty at the start of the race,(The Judges didn't like our theme) ,(3) black flag penalties, AND running out of fuel on track. W/O the 50-laps, we would have finished 17th. I honestly think we could have cracked the top 10 if we ran a more perfect race. We were absolutely Thrilled just finish that race. It was Epic AND Brutal just staying awake for the whole thing.

We'll be doing the Chump 24hrs next month at PBIR. It's only 45 minutes from my shop. We're hoping to finish well enough to qualify for the Chumpionship.

Don't buy a BMW! They're a dime a dozen in these races!

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