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pbir awards

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Guest TrackRat

Besides first, second and third. Awards were given to Bandit Racing for clean racing and another was given to Pat Wehmeyer with Team Honeybadger for best heads-up driving for his save when the brakes failed heading into 10. Not sure on all the others.

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We awarded the JBugs Volkswagen an award for the "First and Last Donuts Made at ChumpCar Event." (There's a hidden message in there somewhere.)

I've since, learned the error in my ways. B) I'm Honored to receive the award!

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We also gave an honorable mention to Team donkey Backwards Racing (08 / backwards truck), Team Infiniti (19) and --- unknown team name in the white Porsche 944 --- for their generous $250 (each) contribution to the Ronald McDonald House. Each team "won" that distinction after hitting the tire wall in the chicane. This "award" was highlighted and repeated in the driver's meeting before the race. We'll be continuing this "charitable donation" at most events. :D

As a member of Ronald's Racers, I would like to personally thank Team donkey Backwards, Team Infiniti and the white Porsche 944 for their donations to this wonderful charity. Keep up the good work!

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