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Daytona Mylaps questions

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This was the first race that we have ran with our own transponder, so this is the first race I could login to Mylaps and see all the results.

And I am not sure about somethings.

First thing I have a question about is, why do positions 94 thru 121 not have any times? Were they entered and didn't show up to race? Didn't care, so they didn't rent a transponder?

Second, is there a way I can download my laptimes into excel, with out just cutting and pasting them off the web page?

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Cut & paste from webpage works great.

Yep, that's always how I do it. Make sure you do "Paste Special..." and then choose either text or unicode text. That's how you get Excel to divide it up into cells for you instead of putting everything in one cell at the beginning of each line.

(Another issue is, if you're trying to do any sort of data analysis on lap times, the actual lap time gets turned into a date/time by Excel, but as hours:minutes rather than minutes:seconds. There's a trick you can use to address this: the "average speed" that MyLaps reports is obtained by dividing the recorded lap length by the lap time. Hence, you can recover the lap time by dividing the recorded lap length [the x.x miles in parentheses after the track name on either the results page or the laptime page on MyLaps] by the average speed and then multiplying by 3600 to convert from hours to seconds.)

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Guest posnova

Also, you can choose "format cell" and "custom" and in the box you can type in, you can put m:ss.000 to turn those weird numbers back into lap times formatted.


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