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Winker is finally on the forum! Using a backup computer because the regular one has an issue with the touch pad and I did not bring a mouse. The backup computer had the OLD passwords so I could not log on. Had to create a new identity for the weekend.

I am Multi-tasking this weekend: Team owner, driver, mechanic and CCWS reporter. Entered in the #92 Vintage Ice And Gravel Rally Racing Association Saab 900 (formerly known as Fart-hinder). The other three drivers are Mark Fitzpatrick from Duluth, John Stiller from Detroit and Travis McCormick from Waterloo, IA. Mark is the only one with previous driving experience, and that is limited to the Brainerd race earlier this year when we teamed up with Jasper in the My Little Pony Mustang.

I was first driver on the track and good thing as it ran like crap! The Saab would stall in right hand turns (at least 7 of them at this track), then backfire and start running again. I figured it was an ignition problem given the backfire (loading up raw fuel in the exhaust, then igniting when the ignition worked again). It turned out to be the ignition coil, which is mounted above the radiator on the Saab. It was low on oil. Really!

I'm sure you all know how to check Live Timing by now. Halfway through today's race the #38 MR2 Biohazard is in the lead, followed by #39 Chump Faces BMW, and #94 Mopar 4 Life Neon. A total of 60 cars have made at least one lap.

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With about an hour left to go today, the #38 MR2 Biohazard Toyota continues to lead, with the #99 BMW on the same lap. A couple of laps down are the #25 BMW and #12 Porsche.

We took the radar gun out to Pit Exit and caught cars just before the braking zone for turn 1.

#38 - 125 mph

#99 - 121 mph

#25 - 115 mph

#77 - 118 mph

#94 - 115 mph

#92 - 90 mph

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Jason's well wishes seem to have worked on the E36's.

We lost a fuel pump around mid race, the rubber mounts of the pump look to have been long gone leaving the pump to basically hang by the wires, one of which broke as I hit the rumble strip exiting turn 5.

The other E36 (team green-ade) went home to put in a fresh motor after losing compression on 4 or 5 of their cylinders, tough break after just finishing the car a few days ago, hope they make it back.

What happened to the supra? I'm guessing rod bearing since if it was a head gasket they probably would have been working on it.

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