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Meanwhile, in Texas...


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Miatas are taking over our fields the way E3xs have taken over field in Minnesota. I believe there were nine Miatas that turned laps at TWS today, though two are EC cars. Top three at the finish were #11 Team Drivers Education (Miata), #60 NAMCO Racing (Miata), and #21 Saturn Art Car (Saturn). #71 Malice in Blunderland (302X7) turned the fastest lap of the day, but finished 20 laps back; looks like they were victimized by time off the track (I saw them using a hammer to try to get the driver side rear fender off the tire), and they also had one driver who was lapping north of 2:20 for most of their stint.

As far as I can tell, there wasn't a whole lot of excitement in terms of spectacular failures, offs, or wad-ups. The #15 Mustang blew a tire into turn 1, the Faux-rrari busted a front control arm going off track.

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