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Kudos to Wendy/Sal and Chump and a video request/beg....


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3 complete novices and an instructor level road racer (doing a bucket-list) had an awesome time at WG in our newly built car. It ran like a train and we all came home still friends. 2 top 50 finishes were more then we could hope for. This time last week the car wouldn’t start, we couldn’t source a windshield and had no wheels!

We had some transponder issues Saturday morning (when our hotshoe was in the car) and Chump was more than fair (generous in fact) in crediting our laps. Saturday afternoon we had the car prepped for Sunday by 5:30 and looked around the garage at all the teams elbow deep in their engines and felt like we’d done something wrong. We decided we should polish the glass. ;)

Sunday was one of our crew member’s 65th birthday and I’d asked Wendy & Sal beforehand if there was any chance he could wave the green flag. They must have had 5,000 more important things to do but they arranged to drive him around to the outside of the track let him start the race, gave him a tour of race control and drove him back around. He was thrilled to bits as he was first at WG for the ’62 F1 race, BTW did you know Jimmy Clark was no taller than Wendy ;)

Meanwhile back in the garage the car had developed a fuel leak overnight and might not have made the start at all if it wasn’t for car 15 finding us some fuel hose and clamps with 5 minutes to go to the false grid.

On the road home we found out our in-car camera wasn’t recording all day Sunday so we have no in-car of our guy waiving us off. DOES ANYBODY HAVE FOOTAGE OF SUNDAYS’ START that shows the starter's stand?

Speaking of footage, if anybody ever finds the memory card from that GoPro that was on the track in the inner loop, could you check our right front tire wear? You should have a real good view of it on the very last frame as I was the guy who smashed it to pieces ;)

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10.18. Camera Mounts: The mounts for video / photographic cameras shall be of a safe and secure design, and confined within the cockpit area of the vehicle. The body of the camera (recording unit) shall be secured using some form of metal screw-in device; none of the attachments may be elastic or plastic. If a tether is used to restrain the camera, the tether length shall be limited so that the camera can not come in contact with driver. These rules of attachment do not apply to the remote lens of “lipstick†cameras, which weighs approximately 2 oz. The remote lens of these cameras may be secured with items such as cable ties and racer’s tape. Helmet mounted cameras are prohibited regardless of size, weight, or location of camera on the helmet.

Dang, John now nobody's going to step forward and claim it. I'll never get the view of my front bumper at speed ;)

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