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Abacoa Town Center Jupiter Fl

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Last night I drove the Infiniti 40 mile round trip for my 3rd visit to Abacoa, a monthly upscale car show with 100+ cars. As usual I was greeted with open arms despite being the guy with the least shine, lots of interest, questions and discussion about Chump, more and more people are aware of our existence, the car was recognized as a "real" racecar by a pleasing number of folks. I ran into several Lemoneers and a member of 4 Paws (Sebring 6th place). Last weekends trophy was a hit and being the only racer  it got attention disproportionate of nicer cars, the pro tv camera crew was momentarily captivated, hope to find a link to their show summery at some point.


Unfortunately my video taken was corrupted, some of it might be salvageable, will post to you tube and link here if it will load... if nothing else at least to get a idea of things.

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I thought I had heard somewhere that Abacoa wasn't running that show any more? I'm happy to hear it's still going on, we always enjoy that Saturday event.



Great show, going on for something like 13 years but it was cancelled *I think* because of residents frustration with traffic, somehow between local businesses and promoters prodding it was allowed once again.

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