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Portland Octobrew thread?


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Yeah, the cardboard/duct tape window and roof fabrication thread is obviously much more important! :P

Just goes to show how much better PNW races are -- nothing to gripe about afterward. ;)


(When he sees that thread, Mr. Condren is going to kick my donkey for giving Montana and his ilk Ideas. :) )

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Well, we did get a couple of rub marks from people trying to pass mid-corner when we clearly had the line going in. Pretty minor compared to the hit I took though. :o

See what I mean? It was obvious you got hit hard -- no arguments there. IIRC, the most that hit led to was a discussion of the best way to go around a car which is spinning.


Further east, that same hit would have resulted in 30 pages of people slagging off others' driving skills, demands for rules or clarifications of same, and eventually a diatribe about E30s, free Lexan, or whatever the cause celebre is this week. :)

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